Welcome to the (internal) homepage for the Mathematics and Computer Science research group at the Department of Basic Sciences and Environment, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

The applied research of our group falls primarily within applications of mathematics in chemistry, biology, population dynamics and agriculture. We are interested in collaboration with other research groups. Below we mention some publications that have resulted from these collaborations.

If you have data from experiments that could perhaps call for a model please contact any of us. If you would like to do some modeling with your data in your bachelor project or master thesis you are also welcome to contact us.

Furthermore we offer a PhD course in advanced mathematics for biologists. In any case you can contact the head of our research group Henrik Laurberg Pedersen.

We also conduct research in pure mathematics, in particular in the fields of

The research in computer science is focused on

For a more detailed description of the research interests in pure mathematics and computer science see the individual pages of the members of the research group: